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Amber Jar Large Vietnamese Butterfly


This hand poured candle is made in Woodstock, Cape Town, by Madame Luna and it portrays the Vietnamese butterfly. In Vietnamese culture, the butterfly does not only symbolize the soul, reincarnation and resurrection, but also represents long life.
A fresh and pungent freshness will flow through your space as soon as you light this scented candle that recreates the delicate, sparkling and slightly spicy sweet aroma of freshly grated ginger.
This rich scented candle has an approximate burn time of 54 hours, and comes in a classic yet modern amber jar with lid that will add a decorative touch to your space.
Trim wick down to 5mm after each burn to ensure longevity.

Fragrance Type

Product Information

  • Fresh-Ginger
  • Intensity – Moderate
  • Type of Vessel – Glass
  • Size – Large
  • Gender – Unisex
  • Measurements: 11.5 x 10.2

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