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Car Vent – Formentera Blend


Formentera Car Diffuser

Includes: Car Diffuser Locket, 5 Sponges, 10ml bottle Essential oil Blend.

Turn any car into a spa environment. With vent holes on the front and back of the locket to allow airflow through the felt and into your vehicle, the diffuser gently disperses our essential oils to create an aromatic sensation, and will also counter offensive odors. We have included one of our signature essential oil blends so you can use your car diffuser immediately. Benefits include creating a peaceful and tranquil environment and helping to reduce stress levels. It elevates your mood and gives you more energy. It can improve cognitive function.

Scent: A sweet explosion of Neroli & Grapefruit

Care Instructions: Please note, where possible do not leave in direct sunlight, this will make the fragrance oil evaporate quicker. Ensure the diffuser bottle is always kept upright to avoid leakage or spilling.

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