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Monsieur Luna Signature – THÉ VERT


This contemporary candle range is made of a beautiful soy wax blend and appeals to the sophisticated, strong but sensual male to enjoy in his home or work space. Energising and revitalising herbal scents of freshly brewed green tea are combined with the sensual and deep scent of musk, the sweet and warm aroma of tonka beans, and the aromatic and evergreen smell of Juniperus Chinensis. A refreshingly green and sensual blend. Trim wick down to 5mm after each burn to ensure longevity.

Fragrance Type
Green, Woody

Product Information
Thé Vert
Intensity – Moderate
Type of Vessel – Glass
Size – Medium
Gender – Male, Unisex
Burn Time: 41h
Measurements: 9 x 8cm

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